VISITING Historic City of Melaka is not complete without taking 45 minutes to cruise down the historic 9km long Melaka River or popularly known as ‘Sungai Melaka’ via Melaka River Cruise.

Like a fairy tale. It starts with Parameswara, a young prince, who was on the run from his own kingdom. He was mesmerized by the bravery of the white deer, which outsmart his dogs. He decided to establish his new empire here. He named it before Melaka Tree, which grew mainly by the banks of Melaka River. Since then Melaka City grew along Melaka River.

Years passed, Melaka had several changed skins and Melaka River still played integral part in formation of Melaka. Only its role had changed. Melaka River is no longer a prime transportation for one to travel from a village to another. It is now playing a much bigger and vital role in Melaka formation with its new tourism iconic – Melaka River Cruise.

The cruise will take you to Dutch ancient buildings, old shop houses, Malay village, China Town, places of worship, museums, riverside cafes and many more sites that can only be treasured and cherished when you experience it personally. There are also a lot of good graffiti art and mural painting on the buildings which adds to the fascinating atmosphere.

Melaka River Cruise operates at night as well during the day. The experience is considerably different. The day cruise allows tourists to appreciate the details of the natural beauty while the night cruise offers opportunity to enjoy the cooling panoramic view with decorative lightings, water fountain show and lighted bridges. The cruise operates from Taman Rempah (Spice Garden) and Dataran Sungai Melaka (Melaka River Square), both jetties are located on the banks of the Melaka River.

Apart from the river cruise, Melaka River Cruise also provides a riverboat dining with various menu selections and interestingly, there are couples who had their wedding ceremony on the boat to enjoy the Melaka’s spectacular views. Tourists may also visit and experience Melaka River Pirate Park which is located near the river bank. It offers you an utmost fun and entertainment.    

Many activities had been made to promote the Melaka River. The biggest and the most important event is the Melaka River International Festival, which is held every year in June for the last ten years. Many exciting events are conducted for the tourists such as Dragon Boat Race, Power Boat Race, Decorated Boat Parade, Canoe Marathon, Melaka Parade and definitely the colorful and joyous opening ceremony.

Today, the Melaka River Cruise has become one of the tourist popular destination in Melaka and has a lot to offer. Once dubbed the ‘Venice of the East’ by European seafarers, the Melaka River Cruise is a great way to see the sights of Melaka at leisurely pace and in comfort.